Loops is the fun, safe and easy way to share photos with people you trust.

Loops Released!

Loops is the fun, safe and easy way to share photos with people you trust, and is available now for the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Loops for Mac has just been approved by Apple and is now available on the Mac App Store.

Download Loops for iPhone and iPad from the iTunes App Store and download Loops for Mac from the Mac App Store. The best bit - they're all FREE!

Loops for the iPhone and iPad has been out for a couple of weeks already, and Loops for Mac really completes the Loops experience. Use Loops for Mac to import other photos into your Loop and easily do bulk exports of Loops photos.

We hope you enjoy Loops!

Loops iOS 1.0.1

Version 1.0.1 for the iPhone and iPad is now live on the App Store.

This is a follow-up bug fix release where we've fixed a bunch of minor bugs that we encountered when using Loops for ourselves on a extended scale.

No new features in this one, but lots of little improvements that we're sure you will like.

MacWorld 2013

We're coming to MacWorld! Again!

We're all set and heading to MacWorld in chilly San Francisco in a few days time.

Shedworx will be in booth 1010, on the right hand side of the Expo hall, near Appalooza.

Its been two years since we were at MacWorld and a lot has changed for us in that time.

The biggest thing for us has been Smart Converter. Smart Converter is the number one free video converter for the Mac worldwide and Smart Converter Pro is the top rated, most popular and highest grossing video converter on the Mac App Store. Through Smart Converter and Smart Converter Pro, Shedworx software is now on a significant percentage of all Macs out there. This means a huge number of people use our stuff, and we can't wait to talk to people about it.

If you're in the Bay area, we'd love to see you down at MacWorld. As part of our booth package we have an almost unlimited number of Expo passes to hand out, so if you want to save $25 on the door charge, drop us a line at support@shedworx.com and we'll have a pass waiting for you at the door.

Among other things, we will be selling the MacWorld SUPERBUNDLE! All of our apps in one super bundle for $40 - a discount of 80%, available only on the Expo show floor.

Here's the flyer we will be handing out...

For those who can make it to MacWorld, we can't wait to see you there. For those who can't, stay tuned, we'll have our MacWorld post and photos up real soon!

Loops for the iPhone and iPad out now!

Following a quick review by Apple, and approval on first attempt, Loops for the iPhone and iPad is available now!

Loops is our new secure photo sharing app and service that makes it easy and safe for you to share photos with people you trust.

All you need to do is download Loops, sign up and start taking photos. Loops takes care of the rest, keeping all your photos synced to our private cloud servers.

When you're ready you can get your friends and family to join any of your Loops. They will then see anything you add, and you will see anything they add to your Loop.

It couldn't be easier!

Loops also has a version for the Mac. Loops for Mac lets you see and organise all your photos in all your Loops, as well as allowing you to import other photos from your Mac, and export complete Albums or individual photos to your Mac.

Loops for Mac is in review with Apple now for the Mac App Store, but it is available now from Shedworx.com if you'd rather not wait.

We hope you enjoy Loops!

Introducing Loops!

Over the past year we've been working on re-launching the Cosmos photo sharing service with a new focus.

This new focus is on privacy and absolute control over who sees your stuff.

The new app is called Loops!

A better way to share

Loops takes the photo sharing strengths of Cosmos and adds a new and improved way of sharing.

Everything in Loops now revolves around, you guessed it, a Loop.

A Loop is a group of photos and notes that you want to share with friends or family. We've found that there will always be different groups of people that you want to share photos with, and there will be different photos that you want to share with each of those groups.

With Loops, you can now create a Loop for each circle of friends that you are a part of. Every Loop member can add photos and edit anything, except for the Loop membership - only the creator can change that.

All your Apple devices

Loops has an iPhone, iPad and Mac app available which all work the same way. Every type of app allows you to take and upload/import photos, manage your Loop memberships and send photos out to other services like Facebook, Twitter and so on.

iPhone and iPod

Loops for the iPhone is our main app. Based on how we've been using Loops for the past 6 months, 90% of your time will be spent in Loops for iPhone.

You can do everything from the iPhone app - sign up, created new Loops, invite friends and of course take photos!


Loops for the iPad is very similar to the iPhone version but includes a better layout to take full advantage of the iPad screen size.

We've used a simple layout that lets your navigate between albums easily, leaving the majority of the screen for photo display.

Loops for iPad is a great way to run through all the photos in all your Loops with a bigger screen.

and the Mac

We also have a full-featured app for the Mac.

This has grown out of our original Cosmos video management application and offers a great 'home base' option for all those photos.

Loops for Mac operates in exactly the same way as the mobile versions. You still sign in to the app, have easy switching between your Loops and can also export photos easily.

Loops for Mac also includes an import feature where you can bulk import photos from your Mac and even straight off a camera that you plug in.

This gives you a great way to add photos to Loops from other cameras.

Coming very soon...

Over the past year we have used every group photo sharing service out there and think that Loops offers a better way to share photos.

We've found that there is a lot of Facebook and Instagram "fatigue" out there, caused by the incessant drive of these services to invade your privacy.

On the other end of the privacy scale we have Apple's Photo Stream which is good for some uses, but is really a backup service for your phone, not a photo sharing service.

Loops fits in the middle of these two areas. Full privacy and security but with the freedom to share whatever you want with whoever you want (as long as they have an iPhone or iPad :) )


We decided to go for a non-advertising, paid, privacy-first service, as its what we want for ourselves.

The Loops apps will all be free, with every new account getting a free level of access. Loops Premium accounts will cost $4.99 for a year or 99c per month.

Loops is in Beta testing now and is about to be submitted to Apple. We will let you know when it hits the streets.

You can follow our progress with Loops on its Facebook page, Twitter and right here on the Shedworx blog.

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