FlamingoHD 1.3.0 released

FlamingoHD 1.3.0 released

New Features in 1.3.0

  • Added Search feature. You can now search your media on Text or Date or All. E.g. Date Search : '1st August 09 to 31st August 09'.
  • New customizable toolbar includes 'Send to' actions, Search and View modes.
  • New View Menu.
  • New keyboard mappings for 'Zoom In', 'Zoom Out' 'Poster Mode', 'Filmstrip Mode' and 'Search'
  • Additions to Help menu now include links for User Guide and Video Tutorials.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed issue where a new Event sometimes appeared in Project list.

FlamingoHD v1.2.1 released

FlamingoHD v1.2.1 released

FlamingoHD is now compatible with Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard

New Features in 1.2.1

  • Added ability to handle multiple devices.
  • Added new Preference setting for 'Eject after Import'.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Batch Import creating duplicate events.

No AVCHD support in Snow Leopard

This morning we received our Snow Leopard DVD from our friends at Apple.

It turns out that, as rumoured, the shipped version of Snow Leopard is build 10A432, which was released to developers about 2 weeks ago.

The big news for us is that Snow Leopard does not support AVCHD video. Quicktime won't open the movies and it certainly won't export to AVCHD.

What does this mean?

It seems that Apple is treating AVCHD like most of the Pro video formats. That is, they rely on a 'Log and Transfer' approach where all codecs are converted into a common, editor-friendly format for editing. For iMovie and Final Cut Express this is Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) and for Final Cut Pro it is the ProRes codec family.

At Shedworx, this lack of AVCHD support in OSX means that we will now focus heavily on some simple native AVCHD editor capabilities. We already have trimming working and will have this (and some other new features) out under VoltaicHD version 2.0 in October.

We will roll out the AVCHD native previewer and trimming functions into RevolverHD and FlamingoHD shortly after releasing VoltaicHD for the Mac.

FlamingoHD v1.2.0 released

FlamingoHD v1.2.0 released

New Features in 1.2

  • iPhone Support : FlamingoHD now allows you to manage your iPhone 3GS and other non mountable USB drives.
  • Added 'Set as Poster' option for media items in Events and Projects.
  • Added 'Send to iMovie' and 'Send to Editor' for Events.
  • Double clicking AVCHD files now launches the Finder associated application.

Other Fixes

  • Faster loading and navigation of events and projects.
  • Fixed Filmstrip issue on PPC machines.
  • Fixed issue where concurrent 'Send to Voltaic' were not supported.
  • Numerous other small fixes.

FlamingoHD v1.1.0 released

We've just released v1.1.0 of FlamingoHD.

The main new feature is allowing a batch import of your media. This allows you to select a directory and then FlamingoHD will start importing the media and create Events based on folder names.

We've also fixed a few minor issues.

A new web site for ShedWorx

We're finally up with a new-look website for ShedWorx!

We have gone with a new layout that is way less cluttered and more like the "Apple style".

Users can still create accounts and log in to post comments on blogs.

We have also switched on Forums for the site. We hope that this will provide a place for people to ask questions about ShedWorx products and HD movie editing/management in general. We will keep an eye on the product forums and answer questions where we can.

For those who are interested, we're using Drupal6, running on one of our hosted Linux servers in Perth, Western Australia.

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