VoltaicHD for Mac version 2.5.1

We have just released a bug fix release for VoltaicHD for Mac.

This release fixes a problem with FlamingoHD where AVCHD movies were not being sent to Voltaic. This was caused by the updated Applescript API in VoltaicHD 2.5

VoltaicHD 2.5 out now for PC and Mac

VoltaicHD 2.5.0 for PC and Mac out now!

We've finally released VoltaicHD version 2.5.0 for PC and Mac! Its been a while coming, and we think its been worth the wait.

This release brings the PC version of VoltaicHD up to par with the Mac version for the first time. Both versions now support the more advanced features of editing, YouTube publishing and Native AVCHD output.

PC new Features

  • Shedworx AVCHD previewer - preview your AVCHD movies with no delay
  • Editing - you can now trim, include/exclude and join clips directly from VoltaicHD
  • Titles - add a title to your edited movie
  • Send to Youtube - edit and send to Youtube all directly from VoltaicHD
  • AVCHD Output - trim and join AVCHD movies to export a new AVCHD movie. Zero quality loss for the discerning editor!

VoltaicHD for PC has been built using the latest and greatest Microsoft development framework - .Net 4.0. If you don't have this installed already on your PC, you can get it from here.

Pricing for VoltaicHD for PC has been increased to $US39.99, in line with the Mac version, now that it contains all features of the Mac version.

Version 2.5 of VoltaicHD for PC is a free upgrade for all current VoltaicHD for PC users.

Mac New Features

This release is relatively minor for the Mac version of VoltaicHD. The key new Mac feature is Native AVCHD output. This function lets you trim and join AVCHD movies as before, but now gives you the option to create an AVCHD movie as output. We create the new AVCHD movie by trimming the source video and audio streams and creating a new AVCHD movie containing unaltered video and audio. This means that that output movie is exactly the same quality as the original.

Every video edit workflow that converts formats incurs some quality loss. Native AVCHD editing inside VoltaicHD provides you with 100% guaranteed lossless editing.

Version 2.5 of VoltaicHD for Mac is a free upgrade for all current VoltaicHD for Mac version 2 users.

VoltaicHD 2.5 Beta release available for download

VoltaicHD version 2.5 - for Mac and PC!

We've finally got both the PC and Mac versions of VoltaicHD into Beta testing and available for download.

Click here to download VoltaicHD for Mac Beta

Click here to download VoltaicHD for PC Beta

We're a little behind schedule because we've been working on a separate video project for an OEM client. The work is all under NDA, but we can say that the work is all related to H.264 video streaming, using the software that powers our AVCHD previewer. The advances that we make in our OEM work will give us a better AVCHD previewer for ShedWorx later this year.

Version 2.5 sees the introduction of native AVCHD output. This means that you can now load up AVCHD movies, carry out simple trims and joins and export out AVCHD output.

This is significant because we do not convert the AVCHD video at all during this process. We just trim the video and audio streams, then re-package the output into a new AVCHD file. This means that the video is 100% of the quality that it was shot under. No other editor can do this.

We are still testing both versions, so they are not perfect yet. If you find any bugs that you think we might miss, please drop us a line.

VoltaicHD for Mac

On the Mac, version 2.5 includes just native AVCHD output as the new feature.

Click here to download.

VoltaicHD for PC

On the PC, version 2.5 is a major change. Version 2.5 on the PC brings the PC version up to par with the Mac version, which includes native AVCHD output.

You will need the latest .Net framework (version 4.0) in order to run VoltaicHD for PC. This is available from our beta download page.

Click here to download.

Moving Servers

We've just moved the ShedWorx web site and store to a new, faster server.

The main web site is working fine (and a lot faster) but the store has a couple of issues at its new home.

Please bear with us while we get the store working correctly again. Purchases and Activations will not be possible while we fix up the store.

Pricing for VoltaicHD 2.5 and FlamingoHD 2.0 announced

Pricing for VoltaicHD 2.5

We're nearing the completion of VoltaicHD version 2.5 for PC and Mac, so we've set the prices for both products.

We expect to release both products this month (March 2010), assuming all goes well with Beta testing.

VoltaicHD for Mac

VoltaicHD for Mac version 2.5 will be a free upgrade for all VoltaicHD for Mac Version 2 users. It will remain priced at $39.99 USD.

VoltaicHD for PC

VoltaicHD for PC version 2.5 will be a free upgrade for all VoltaicHD for PC users. The price of VoltaicHD for PC will increase to $39.99 USD when version 2.5 is released.

Pricing for FlamingoHD 2.0

FlamingoHD version 2.0 will be a free uprgade for current FlamingoHD version 1.x users.

We expect to release FlamingoHD version 2.0 in Q3 2010.

YouTube Competition Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered the YouTube Competition.

We have two winners - Jim, from the US has won the Major prize while Laura from Canada has taken out the random prize draw.

Major Prize Winner

Jim took his AVCHD movies from New Year's Eve, did some simple trimming, added a title and pushed it up to YouTube.

Congratulations Jim! A Panasonic FT1 is on its way to you. Here is the winning entry...

Random Prize Draw Winner

Laura entered a movie of the band The Ground Luminosity performing at the Roberts Creek Hall in Canada, again on New Year's Eve.

Congratulations Laura - we'll get an iPod Touch out to you ASAP

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