ShedWorx Store outage on 27/10/09

We had a store outage from about 1800 to 2300 GMT on 27 October 2009. The reason that it was down for so long was that it happened from 1am to 8am Perth time, so while our monitoring system was going nuts, we were all tucked up in bed.

We're still getting to the bottom of this but it looks like one of our security scans got out of control.

We run these pro-active tests frequently to ensure that our site and store are rock solid. Unfortunately last nights regular tests went a little crazy and took out the store.

This is the first extended outage that we've had with the store in 2 years of running ShedWorx. We're confident that it won't happen again.

Apologies for any inconvenience that this has caused.

VoltaicHD for Mac v2.0.0 released

We have just released VoltaicHD for Mac v2.0.0.

It's our first major upgrade for VoltaicHD for Mac and contains many new features as well as bug fixes and improvements on the conversion processing.

The major new features include:

  • ShedWorx now has an AVCHD Previewer which gives you a live preview of your movies.
  • Edit your AVCHD movies prior to conversion.
  • You can now send your movies direct to YouTube, iPhone, iPod and AppleTV.
  • Improved conversion processing gives you even better quality results.
  • Improved inverse telecine process for getting the best results from your 24p footage.

PayPal all good

PayPal behaving again

PayPal is back to normal, reliably confirming our payments as they go through.

From now on, as soon as you make a purchase our store will email you you Activation key/s immediately, as always.

We have not yet got the to bottom of why this happened, but the PayPal confirmation failures have ceased.

If you do not receive your product keys within a few minutes of paying, please contact us via support.

Intermittent Paypal errors

Paypal clearance issues

Over the past 12 hours we've been experiencing intermittent delays with PayPal reporting back to us that payments have been cleared.

This means that a small number users have not been sent their activation codes instantly, as is usually the case.

We're investigating the problem with PayPal and we are manually clearing transactions, but we're only doing the manual process during business hours (we have to sleep sometime).

If you don't receive your key straight away, you can email us and we'll check it out, or just wait until morning (Australia time, GMT+8) and we'll clear any delayed transactions then.

Thanks for your patience. I'm sure this will be fixed soon.

VoltaicHD 2.0 into private beta

VoltaicHD 2.0 is now out for private beta testing. Those of you with access to the ShedWorx beta downloads page can download from there.

This release is fully functional with no known major bugs.

VoltaicHD 2.0 can co-exist with version 1.x, so just save 2.0 to a different location to 1.x.

Please see the tutorials videos if you need help getting started.

If you want to try VoltaicHD 2.0 outside of Demo mode, drop us a line at support and we'll get you an Activation key for 2.0

Release date for VoltaicHD 2.0 is currently set at Monday 26th October.

Thanks for testing :)

VoltaicHD for Mac v1.8.8 released

We've just released version 1.8.8 of VoltaicHD, which fixes a few problems for all of those who have made the leap into Snow Leopard.

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