VoltaicHD is over FIVE times faster than iMovie when submitting an edited HD movie to YouTube!

VoltaicHD uploads to YouTube in around 90 seconds compared to over 10 minutes with iMovie

Why? Its simple - VoltaicHD does not convert the movies from your camera prior to previewing, editing and sending to YouTube. VoltaicHD gives you simple native AVCHD previewing and editing, leaving all the conversions until you are ready to submit to YouTube.

Test Details

Our benchmark test was carried out using the following...

  • Mac: iMac 2.0 GHz, running OSX 10.5
  • Camera: Canon HF11 shooting 24Mbps, 1920x1080 25p
  • Number of clips recorded: 8
  • Total duration of recorded clips: 6m 04s
  • Number of clips used in upload: 2
  • Total duration of uploaded movie: 30s
  • Workflow: Time taken from camera plug-in to submitting to YouTube. Both VoltaicHD and iMovie then convert and upload.