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Convert AVCHD

VoltaicHD can convert any AVCHD video on the market. We constantly test and refine our conversion process to support new cameras and variations of the AVCHD standard. VoltaicHD can also convert into any video format support by QuickTime on the Mac.

What is AVCHD?

AVCHD stands for "Advanced Video Codec High Definition". AVCHD was created by Sony and Panasonic as a new consumer-level high definition video codec for use in video cameras.

ShedWorx is part of the AVCHD certification program. Under this program ShedWorx is given access to the formal AVCHD Specifications, test media and test software. With access to this program, ShedWorx maintains compliance with all areas of the AVCHD Specification.

Native AVCHD Output

Voltaic can create AVCHD movies from your AVCHD originals. Combined with the Shedworx AVCHD Previewer, VoltaicHD is now a simple AVCHD editor. You can trim and join AVCHD movies to create a single new AVCHD movie. The benefit of this approach is that there is absolutely no quality loss and it's FAST. Give it a try and see for yourself!


In January 2009, AVCHD released a new format variant called AVCHD Lite. This format limits the video resolution to 1280x720p and is intended for less powerful hardware.


ShedWorx has an AVCHD Previewer which gives you a live preview of your movies. AVCHD movies play immediately on any hardware with no delay!.


The ShedWorx AVCHD Previewer plays back AVCHD with no artifacts, colour washout or stop-start playback. We restrict the number of frames per second and display size to ensure a trouble-free preview on all computers.

Adapts to your computer

On first use, the ShedWorx AVCHD Previewer runs a couple of tests on your computer to figure out how many keyframes it will display per second. From then on it will playback in real time.

Audio coming

The first version of the ShedWorx AVCHD Previewer does not play back audio. We’ll be adding this in a later release.


You can now edit AVCHD movies directly from VoltaicHD! No conversions, no messing around with iMovie. Just trim and convert and you’re away!


The ShedWorx AVCHD Previewer includes the ability to trim an AVCHD clip. This means you mark only the required section of a movie for conversion and the rest is not used.


VoltaicHD includes a simple way to add a Title to your converted movies. This can be a title for every movie or just for the start of a joined up movie.


The joiner will let you join up all clips from a conversion batch into one movie for easy uploading to YouTube or sending to iTunes..


VoltaicHD can send your converted clips wherever you need them. YouTube, iPhone, iPod and AppleTV are all supported. With our new Preview and Edit functions you can be sharing your AVCHD movies without converting!


You can set up your YouTube account details in VoltaicHD and the uploading is taken care of at the end of the conversion.

iPhone, iPod and AppleTV

VoltaicHD includes shortcuts for iPhone, iPod and AppleTV conversions and the ability to add the converted clips straight into iTunes.

Its Fast. Real Fast.

By taking advantage of VoltaicHD's simple native AVCHD editing features, you can have a HD movie loaded off you camera, edited in VoltaicHD and submitted to YouTube FIVE times as fast as iMovie.

Click here to find out more.

Convert Anything

VoltaicHD can also convert from a large number of other HD video formats. Check out our Supported Cameras page to see if your camera is supported. If it is not, send us a sample and we’ll probably be able to help.


VoltaicHD Supports a number of High Definition video formats in addition to AVCHD. See our list of Supported Devices to see if your camcorder is supported.

And others

VoltaicHD is not only an AVCHD video converter, but supports the conversion of many other video types. See the Mac Only and PC Only sections for a description of what is available on each system.

Easy to Use

VoltaicHD is extremely easy to use. Just drag your AVCHD videos onto VoltaicHD then click Start. VoltaicHD automatically detects your video’s settings and starts converting.

Simple Interface

VoltaicHD has a very simple list to which you can easily add AVCHD (and other) videos. Once you have files in the list, just press Start!

No rocket science

VoltaicHD contains a number of advanced features used to auto-detect your video's properties and optimise your conversion.

VoltaicHD will even convert corrupted files by applying its unique file repair function. VoltaicHD can convert files that iMovie and Final Cut/Compressor can not.

A number of preference settings are available for advanced users, but your normal user doesn't need to know a thing about AVCHD and the complexities within it.

Quick Previews

VoltaicHD provides you with a convenient preview of the first frame of your video. This is displayed on a slide-out window, so you can display these previews only when required.

No camera

VoltaicHD does not need your camera connected when converting. Just copy your videos from your camera (or better yet use Cosmos to take care of this), drag them onto VoltaicHD, click Start and you’re away..

MTS and m2ts Files

AVCHD videos are saved with a .MTS or .m2ts file extension. A large number of built-in video converters require a camera or full camera file system in order convert the videos. VoltaicHD requires only the AVCHD video files.

Professional Features

VoltaicHD caters for high-end users with features such as 24p pulldown and advanced de-interlacing.

24p Pulldown

VoltaicHD supports 24p pulldown to restore a 24p clip encoded at 60i, back to the original progressive 24p format in which it was shot.

Here is our article on 24p to provide more detail about this area.

Apple ProRes422 (Mac Only)

Since VoltaicHD for Mac supports any QuickTime format, exports can be made direct to Apple ProRes422, ready to edit in Final Cut Pro.

Mac Features

Export to any QuickTime supported video option. If you have installed third-party QuickTime Plug-ins, these are accessible from VoltaicHD.

Quicktime formats

VoltaicHD for Mac supports the conversion of AVCHD and any QuickTime supported video format. This includes iPhone, iPod, AppleTV, YouTube and many other popular formats.

Here is a list of QuickTime components from Apple. Once installed on your Mac, VoltaicHD can convert to any of these formats.


We have included a number of key VoltaicHD functions as Applescript functions. This allows advanced users to call VoltaicHD from other applications, or Applescript scripts.

Cosmos Integration

Cosmos is integrated with VoltaicHD to provide a seamless video management solution. Manage your video with Cosmos and convert when you are ready with VoltaicHD

PC Features

Export to WMV, AVI and QuickTime MOV formats. Full HD WMV exports are optimised for use in Microsoft Movie Maker.

Microsoft Movie Maker

Our PC conversion process is optimised for editing in Microsoft Movie Maker. We have a default output of WMV, ready to edit.


We have developed two custom-built de-interlacing functions for conversion on the PC. Since most people are still shooting in interlaced mode, this is a very important function. VoltaicHD for PC provides it output movies as de-interlaced (progressive) movies, optimised for editing.


Windows Media Video (WMV) is the default output format for VoltaicHD for PC. This WMV variant is optimised for editing and often is not playable in full quality on standard PCs. More info ...

VoltaicHD for PC also supports AVI output to cater for a large range of video editors that prefer AVI to WMV.

VoltaicHD for PC output files are compatible with Sony Vegas Pro 8, Avid and Adobe Premiere Pro CS3


VoltaicHD for PC also supports converting from and to QuickTime movie files.