VoltaicHD® is a video converter that allows you to edit footage from an AVCHD camera in Microsoft® Movie Maker or other video editing suite on the PC (such as Adobe® Premiere Pro CS3 or Sony Vegas Pro).

VoltaicHD® converts your highly compressed AVCHD files into either WMV or AVI format which Windows® Media Player and Microsoft® Movie Maker can handle.

So what? Well, if you have just bought a new AVCHD camera and want to edit the footage, you are usually stuck with having to fork out for a new editing package. These packages require a new high end PC. If you don't have one of these, VoltaicHD is your answer. Click here for AVCHD cameras supported by VoltaicHD.

Since VoltaicHD decompresses your HD clips before you use them in Movie Maker, your PC has a much easier time handling the full HD clips.

Looking for the Mac version of VoltaicHD ? Click here


Version 2.5.0

New users: Free demo. Purchase to unlock

Existing users: Free upgrade to full version

Demo: 10 conversions, 50 MB max file size

$34.99 US

Please try the demo before purchasing an activation key.

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Please see the FAQ for current technical issues and limitations.